If your order has not shipped within 1-2 business days of placing the order there are two likely causes.

1. One or more items on the order are preorders which will delay shipping until all items have been released. If some items are available while others are not and you would like the available items to ship just let us know. We can send an invoice for a separate shipping charge and get those items on the way.

2. Check your order to see if you did not select one of the paid shipping options and instead chose " Add to Reserves (combine with future orders for later shipping - actual shipping will be charged when you contact us to request a shipment so choose this ONLY if you do NOT want to ship now) ".

Since that option does not charge shipping, the order cannot ship. It is just reserved so that you can order additional items and have them all shipped together to save on shipping.

If this option was selected in error and you would like this order to ship alone just let us know. We can send you an invoice for shipping and have this on the way to you just as soon as that is paid.